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Fuzel is a standout collage creator for your iPhone

Mel Martin

I've seen a lot of collage software come and go. Some are quite powerful and keep growing, such as Diptic. Others don't really have interesting templates or don't allow you enough creative freedom to let you make the collage that fits your mood or your personality.

The last few days, I've been playing with a free app called Fuzel, and it helped me create some striking collages. Best of all, it gave me the flexibility to move and transform the elements without being restricted to stiff templates.

Fuzel starts off with a quick tutorial, then it's time to open your camera roll and select some photos. There are plenty of templates, but the best ones are the ones that aren't just a bunch of rectangles bolted together. You can cut and divide the frames into smaller ones; you can merge frames into a single frame; and you can drag the borders around as you please. I was happy to see my new collage was saved at full resolution, but there are smaller options when you are mailing them or sending them to social networks. Swiping the screen will undo your last change, and a collage can be saved to edit later.

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I tried the app with some of my landscape photos, and the results were excellent. This was the first collage app that made me want to print poster-size versions of these collages for hanging on my walls.

The app also features in-app purchases, which it calls credit packs. They are themed objects and labels to further customize your collage, but I didn't feel the need for them. They might be handy if I wanted holiday elements for a collage, but I let the photos speak for themselves.

Fuzel is a very impressive app. It's not universal, so you'll get the best results on an iPhone or an iPod touch. The app requires iOS 7 or later, and it's optimized for the iPhone 5.

With the holidays here, most of us will be taking more pictures than ever. Fuzel can give your photos a fresh look, and you'll enjoy sharing the results with family and friends.

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