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South Park ends PS4, Xbox One wars with a Red (Robin) wedding


It's going to be difficult to watch the new season of Game of Thrones without humming South Park's vocal variation of the theme song. We won't reprint it here, but it rhymes with "Meeners, ploppy Meeners."

The third and final episode in South Park's Game of Thrones-style, next-gen console wars storyline aired last night, wrapping up with Kenny as an anime princess, the Black Friday mob, George RR Martin on a horse and a Red Robin wedding. And it includes a line that would fit in most Game of Thrones episodes: "Whose betrayal is this?"

We usually hate to spoil the ending of anything, but in this case it's both obvious and harmless: The episode closes with an ad for Ubisoft's South Park RPG, The Stick of Truth. The US audience can check out all of the drama at South Park Studios.

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