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Toki Tori hatches on PS3 with exclusive content December 17


Two Tribes' puzzle platformer Toki Tori is waddling its way to PS3 on December 17. The PS3 port, which is a recreation of the original game by Playlogic, will include PlayStation Move compatibility, a new exclusive game mode with 16 levels, updated graphics and stereoscopic 3D support.

Toki Tori has been quite successful for Two Tribes, the developer has announced in the press release past the break. Across its multitude of platforms, Toki Tori has been downloaded over 1.8 million times.

In Toki Tori, players guide a newly-hatched chick named Toki Tori. A mysterious force has abducted the eggs of Toki Tori's unborn siblings and whisked them away to a strange castle, so Toki Tori sets out to rescue them – just like any good big brother would.

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- One of the most popular puzzle platformers ever made is coming to the American PlayStation ® Network the 17th of December!
- Already downloaded 1.8 million times

Amsterdam, 4th of December 2013 – Playlogic and indie developer Two Tribes announced today that they are working together to bring the popular Toki Tori franchise to PlayStation®Network. The addictive platform/puzzler has received numerous awards in the past such as the coveted IGN Editors' Choice Award and will now invade the living room including PlayStation®Move motion controller support, a new game mode containing 16 new levels, HD graphics and stereoscopic 3D compatibility.

Watch the trailer:

Toki Tori has been hugely successful on a wide variety of platforms and Two Tribes has confirmed today that the game has been downloaded more than 1.8 million times. Toki Tori has been favorably reviewed by the gaming press and you can find a selection of quotes below:

"Playing Toki Tori is the most fun we've had on PSN for a long time." -

(9/10) "Toki Tori is the definitive version of the platform puzzler, featuring hours and hours of content that will have players of any ability level spitting feathers in the best way possible." - Push Square
(9/10) "Toki Tori is an absolutely brilliant puzzler with great graphics and even greater puzzles to solve." - Gamer Limit

About Toki Tori
Toki Tori is a highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before. Push your brain to the limit as you guide Toki Tori through 90+ challenging levels spread over 4 mysterious worlds - collecting eggs as you go. You are armed with an arsenal of different items and weapons including the infamous Telewarp, InstantRock and Slug Sucker! Combine these to solve each ingenious level - some easy, some brain-bendingly difficult!
Toki Tori has been enhanced in many ways creating a new experience for PlayStation®3 owners. Playlogic has recreated the game for PlayStation®3 in cooperation with Two Tribes and implemented extra content, Move Controller and 3D support.

Toki Tori's key features are:
· Addictive puzzle platform game
· Over 90 levels spread over 4 large worlds
· New game mode, exclusive for PlayStation®3
· A wide variety of items and weapons
· For all ages – accessible and hard levels available
· Dozens of hours of gameplay
· Gorgeous HD graphics
· Catchy music and sound effects
· Playable with PlayStation®Move controller or regular wireless controller
· Stereoscopic 3D support
To learn more about Toki Tori, please visit the official website: For the latest news and gossip you can also visit us on Facebook: or listen to Playlogic's tweets:

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