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App's clever feedback system helps happy users tweet, while angry customers can only email


Ember, an app from Realmac Software built to help designers and artists compile, collect and otherwise make sense of their ideas and influences, employs an extremely clever in-app feedback feature that we wouldn't mind seeing become a new norm.

Rather than a simple, static feedback page with an email address or perhaps a phone number, the app first asks you how you feel about Ember, be it happy, confused or unhappy. Happy users are encouraged to write a review, share their feelings on Twitter and Facebook and contact the Ember team directly. Meanwhile, confused users are directed to a help guide with the additional option of contacting Ember via email, and the unhappy souls are given just the option of emailing the team.

This system clearly benefits Ember by increasing the likelihood that happy folks will leave positive reviews or social mentions, but it also directs the confused and unhappy users to the areas that will do them the most good. After all, telling an angry customer to tweet about it doesn't benefit the developers or the user, but having a frustrated user send their concerns directly to the people who can fix it certainly can.

[via @marcedwards]

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