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Gazelle saw iPad and iPhone trade-ins jump on Black Friday


Black Friday is a sales bonanza for stores across America -- heck, even our Canadian neighbors are getting in on the action. But there's more to the day than just blowing all your money on cheap consumer goods. It's also a day for selling your old consumer goods to pay for upgrades. Gazelle, the web's leading trade-in service for old tech, contacted us to let us know how its Black Friday went and what products drove trade-ins.

Here's a hint -- Apple products helped business a lot:

  • Gazelle saw a 74 percent increase in traffic during the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/29 to 12/2) when compared to 2012.
  • The most popular items traded over this time period were iPhones.
  • iPad trade-ins grew 175 percent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday as compared to the same time period last year.

Considering the recent release of the newly upgraded iPhone and iPad options on the market, Gazelle's trade-in numbers make a lot of sense.

The company is still running its holiday promotion, a coupon that you can include with gifts that will allow recipients to get an extra US$10 with their own trade-ins.

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