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Ghostcrawler joins us on the podcast Monday at 8pm PST


Monday evening Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, the recently departed Lead Systems Designer of World of Warcraft, will join us on the WoW Insider Show. Beginning at 8pm PST / 10pm CST / 11pm EST we'll sit down with Greg to take a look back at his time spent designing WoW, talk with him about his favorite crustaceans, and the weather.

In lieu of our normal show format, we'd like to take your questions now for Ghostcrawler. There's obviously a lot he can't talk about -- things like future design plans, confidential info, Titan ideas -- we're not even going to bother bringing those up just to hear "no comment." But if you've got a question about his design philosophy or how he handles the multitudes of trolls, let's hear 'em! We'll sort through all the questions on Monday evening and pick a few to ask.

Our live broadcast and chat will happen on our page, and the podcast will be up Tuesday afternoon on the site and iTunes.

Don't forget to come a half-hour or so early to the show as we get started with our pre-show mic checks. There will be horses, gin, and at least one burly warrior in attendance.

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