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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is opening presents early

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The apartment is very loud at the moment. Loud and furry, for there is a puppy roaming about, nibbling on toes and wagging his little puppy tail. Why is there a puppy, you ask? Because that is what was given as a Christmas present, and it's kinda hard to keep a puppy under wraps, both literally and figuratively.

But it makes me wonder: now that we're into December and the holiday season proper, what are some favorite presents you've opened early? It's okay that you peeked, we won't tell. So spill the beans: what did you get, and how did you find out? Tell us your tales after checking out this week's selection of webcomics!

Penny Arcade (Incorporated)
Critical Miss (The More Things Change)
Awkward Zombie (Shanty Shaming)
Dorkly (The Most Annoying Gamers On The Internet)
Nerd Rage (A Link Between Addictions)
ActionTrip (Patchfield 4)


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