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Around Azeroth: Nice day for a Horde wedding


"Four and a half years ago, I was just a plain-spoken orc hunter from Orgrimmar," writes today's submitter. "I got into my fair share of trouble; made the rounds in unsavory places; committed unspeakable acts of heroism. And one day, I met a blood elf.

From there, my life changed.

Four years ago, what started as brief and playful flirtation between two characters blossomed slowly but steadily into a relationship between two players. Cautiously, they agreed to meet each other at a real life guild event, surrounded by friends, with the understanding that, should nothing happen, then they could part ways and still be friends.

But the unspeakable happened -- love. One year after this brief weekend away from home, a simple, plain-spoken (but very heroic) orc left everything he knew behind to move thousands of miles from his home to start another."

"On December 6, 2013, we celebrated our wedding among friends that understood with a token of what brought us together. This is the wedding cake given to us (by someone who does not even play World of Warcraft!) that just about brought us to tears. We knew there would be cake (refusing to believe it was a lie), but were not expecting this.

Four and a half years ago, I would not have expected to be a father to a beautiful baby boy, and a husband to a beautiful woman whom I met Around Azeroth (tie-in!), and I owe it all ... for the Horde!

For the curious, the top layer that's the Horde logo is a white cake with chocolate frosting, and the bottom layer is a chocolate-banana cake with white frosting on the bottom. I don't have the exact recipe, but I requested it as a delayed wedding gift from the baker.

My name is Detton, an orc hunter, married to Sakinah Duskwalker, a blood elf hunter. We met on The Scryers, in the guild Rotten Luck, whose name could not be any more inaccurate.

Thank you for listening to my story, and travel safely, my friends."

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