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Breakfast Topic: What's your biggest fan moment?


The funny thing about being a WoW fan is that you don't just walk away from the game when you log off. Oh, sure, some people just play a few hours a week, and don't spare another thought for Azeroth while going about their business. But, honestly, just among us: don't you spend a little extra WoW mind-time outside of the game? You see that weed in the corner of your yard and think, "Yeah, my herbalist could use it."

That's why I've loved BlizzCon. I get to enjoy all these little fan-squee moments when I meet Ghostcrawler or get to shake hands with Wowcrendor. And while I narrowly avoided naming my daughter after WoW, I'm afraid my loyal hound is saddled with the name Sylvanas. (Makes for awkward veterinary trips, let me tell you.)

My biggest fan squee moment was the first time I walked onto the floor of BlizzCon and saw that immense status of an orc riding its worg. It was this odd moment of fan service and love for the game, and I'll always carry it with me.

What's your biggest fan moment for WoW? Did you meet someone? Encounter a guild member in the wild? Or did you, perhaps, label a loved one with an Azerothian name, forever marking them as the offspring of a WoW player?

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