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Surgeon Simulator developer launches Time to Live demo

After ... uh, proving their capabilities in tense medical situations, Bossa Studios is moving on to the realm of deathmatch-oriented game shows with a project called Time to Live.

The demo features a hexagonal game board that brings in special areas as the match continues on. Coin deposits and health regeneration spaces are common resources, and racing players to a sparking, incoming space on the grid is frequent. They're not all races you want to win, however - getting too hectic with clicks can lead an unfortunate contender onto electrified trap spaces. You won't be able to just shrug off a chunk of lost health, either - players slowly lose health as the match progresses, so utilizing game spaces and the items purchased in shops is essential for a victory.

While Bossa describes Time to Live as being in an "alpha stage of development," you can try out a round of the game show from the future by loading up the demo. If you can't find friends or strangers willing to blow each others heads off for the sake of an audience, Time to Live's demo will fill your match with bots.

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The Countdown to Bossa Studios' 'Time to Live' Has Begun

Bossa Studios, the BAFTA winning game developer behind the hit Surgeon Simulator 2013 and the anti-social Monstermind, today announced their latest project: 'Time to Live', a multiplayer deathmatch gameshow, set in a not-too-distant future. Could this be the future's greatest bloodsport?

Time to Live is currently in the alpha stage of development, but Bossa are offering the opportunity for players and all Bossa fans to jump into the online carnage via a demo version, hosted on the Kongregate website.

The demo contains unfinished graphics and models, but the intention is to gain feedback from the community to help tailor the game towards its launch. No release date has been set.

Bossa will be sharing their development journey across multiple social media channels: Bossa YouTube channel, TTL on Facebook, TTL on Twitter and TTL on Tumblr – offering gamers an unprecedented level of insight into the creation of 'Time to Live'

See the teaser trailer for 'Time to Live' here.

Take part in the demo on Kongregate here.

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