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Ubisoft shows off Snowdrop engine with help from Tom Clancy's 'The Division'

Brian Heater

Ubisoft's showing off a new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division, and it's a stunner. Sure, we don't hit every gaming trailer that comes across our radar, but this one certainly piqued our interest, as its good looks owe a lot to the new Snowdrop engine -- as the French game company puts it succinctly in today's blog post, "good luck taking [that Ferrari] for a test drive without an engine inside." The game got some face time at E3, alongside the company's eagerly anticipated hacker title Watch Dogs, and now Ubisoft is ready to spill a few more beans about what's under the hood, in conjunction with Spike's VGX awards. The game's developer, Massive, is talking up the engine's real-time workflow for testing and evaluating features, film-inspired lighting techniques and destruction effects that differ based on physical forces. Beyond that, Massive's not saying a lot, but the trailer below does a fair amount of speaking for itself.

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