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Bloodmasque shows its face on iOS for free this week


To celebrate over 500,000 downloads, Square Enix's vampire hunt-em-up, Bloodmasque, is free on iOS this week. The app will be a free download until midnight on December 16.

Bloodmasque is set in the nineteenth century, in the vampire-ruled city of Paris. As a champion of justice, you must sweep the streets of bloodsuckers as you recruit other players into your army of would-be stakers. The game, compatible with iPhone 4S, iPad 2 devices and above, features a photo-based character creation system where you can put your face into the game. We wonder what would happen if Wesley Snipes tried to put himself into the game?

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Go on a slay ride this season!
To celebrate reaching half a million total downloads, the action-RPG BLOODMASQUE TM will be free to download on iOS devices from today until midnight on December 16, 2013.

'Tis the season for giving, and BLOODMASQUE is spreading some cheer to players everywhere with a special holiday edition of the Hunter's Gauntlet. Up until Christmas Day, a series of seasonal hunts will be available, where players choose to pursue two unique foes; Rudolf the Red and Holly Mistletoe. Triumph and you'll be rewarded with their special gear for your hunter. For more details about our festive event, visit:

In addition, the official BLOODMASQUE soundtrack is now available on iTunes. Containing 34 original and un-edited tracks from the game, fans can download the OST from Apple iTunes Store for $11.99.

BLOODMASQUE is a unique action-RPG, set in an alternative version of 19th Century Paris. Players take on the role of a Vampire Hunter from a cursed bloodline and who fights back against the lords of the night in a world where humanity is ruled from the shadows.

For more details visit the Apple App store or the official site:

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