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Family Guy is coming to iOS with the help of TinyCo and Fuzzy Door


Mobile games based on cartoons are big business. Simpsons Tapped Out alone has made US$100 million since it launched in 2012, and that game is free to play. In keeping with tradition, Family Guy will now follow in the footsteps of the Simpsons once again with the release of its own mobile game -- but this one sounds a little more complicated than Tapped Out.

Fox Digital, which also owns Tapped Out, has big plans for the title. In a profile on Polygon, the game, currently in development by Tiny Castle makers TinyCo, is described as an adventure that will focus on a story arc. Resource development will still be part of the game because, let's face it: Freemium is really profitable model and people will always pay for more doughnuts, beers or gems to build their empires faster.

The game's story will be developed by Seth MacFarlane's production company, Fuzzy Door. According to The Wrap, the developers have designed the game to be played in short increments, basically turning your interaction with the game into a Family Guy cutaway gag in your real life.

If you're worried the game won't be keeping true to the show's particular brand of evil humor, put your fears to bed. Andrew Green of TinyCo told Polygon in an interview that "nothing is sacred and nothing's safe. It's not going to be completely fourth-wall breaking. We want you to feel like you're playing the show." Given the insane amount of taboos Family Guy is known for regularly tackling, murdering and then setting on fire, this game has a lot to live up to.

Head over to Polygon for their article on the game, including perspective from Fox Digital Entertainment's vice president, Rick Phillips.

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