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Upcoming free Peggle 2 update lets you duel your friends


EA Popcap will add a supplementary mode, called Duel mode, to Peggle 2. In a post on Facebook, producer Jared Neuss says the studio is hard at work on implementing the free multiplayer mode and will announce more details soon.

Duel mode, which was included in the original Peggle, is a straight-up competitive mode for local and online play that pits two players against each other on the same board. Neuss says the addition of Duel mode is just the beginning of a series of "regular updates" the developer has planned for Peggle 2.

Peggle 2 launched this week as an exclusive on Xbox One. In our review, we said it "remains a foregone conclusion for existing Pegglers and puzzle fans alike, even if it doesn't quite live up to the addiction that destroyed everyone's work ethic back in 2007." New players looking for an edge should check out our 'Stiq Tips feature, which has plenty of advice for maximizing your scores in the sequel.

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