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Battlefield 4 patched on PS4, should stabilize 'large amount of the client crashes'


My dearest Emily,

These weeks of frustration are hopefully drawing to a close. A communication from Battlefield 4 developer DICE says the PlayStation 4 version has received a patch that "should remove a large amount of the client crashes" currently being experienced on the console since launch.

My heart longs for your affection and for this cruelty to pass us. The constant crashing, which would occur in part when bringing up Battlelog in-game, when using the BattleScreen and when destroying vehicles, are all said to have been fixed, too. I wish and hope this to be true.

There is more in the report, but for now I must return to the Battlefield and see if I can recapture the thousands upon thousands of points I've lost due to instability.

Forever yours,
Lance Corporal XxSmokesMadBluntz420xX

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