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Elder Scrolls Online launch dates: April 4 for PC & Mac, June next-gen


The Elder Scrolls Online officially unravels onto Windows PC and Mac on April 4, before scrolling to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in June. The launch date represents the culmination of some six to seven years of development by Zenimax Online Studios, and the beginning of the first MMO in the nearly 20-years-old RPG franchise. As momentous as that all is, it's sadly 10 years too late for the even neater 4.4.4 - it's a bit on the impossible side to have 14.14.14, but there we are.

Bethesda didn't accompany today's announcement with any further details on pricing. The publisher is shirking the growing trend of free-to-play MMOs by opting for the more traditional subscription model, with the monthly fee set to be $15 (€13/£9). TESO will come with 30 days of free play, but the price of the game itself has yet to be disclosed.

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