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Remote Desktop update brings OS X Mavericks support and improved multi-display support


Apple released an update for Remote Desktop earlier this month that fixes several issues that were effecting the app's stability and usability. Here's a quick list of everything you'll have to look forward to in version 3.7.1.

  • Support for OS X Mavericks.
  • Automatic copy and paste between local and remote computers.
  • Enhanced multi-observe for systems with multiple displays and IP addresses.
  • Prevents an issue that could cause the OS X Firewall to block Remote Desktop connections. If you previously updated a Remote Desktop client to 3.7 and lost access to it because of the OS X Firewall service, restart the client computer after installing the 3.7.1 update. The correct firewall rule will be automatically added, and you will be able to connect to the client via Remote Desktop.
  • Improves reliability of the kickstart command.
  • Fixes the "Display full screen" option in Control & Observe preferences.
You can find the update right now in the App Store.

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