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Eye-Fi's Windows desktop receiver means you can say goodbye to the SD-card reader


We've always been fans of Eye-Fi's wireless cards, but the fact that we still used an SD-card reader to pull the files to our desktops always rankled. Thankfully, the company is addressing that gripe with the Windows Desktop Receiver for the Eye-Fi Mobi, which launched earlier in the year. The new app will give users a choice between pushing pictures to their smartphone or desktop, presumably with far more ease than on the previous Class 10 X2. All you need to do here, we're told, is enter a 10-digit activation code and watch your devices wirelessly pair, pushing images right where you want 'em. The software will remain free so long as it's in beta, with an OS X version currently in the works -- so if you fancy giving it a try, head on to the download link and see what your experience is like.

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