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Nokia releases Motion Tracker beta for Lumia 1520 owners looking to get up and go

Brian Heater

With the number of gadgets that have contributed to our sedentary lifestyles, it's always nice to see a piece of technology bent on getting people up and moving. After teasing the app a few months back, Nokia's finally debuting Motion Monitor -- well, the beta version, at least. The app's currently only available to Lumia 1520 owners, as the handset maker notes that its feature set needs that specific hardware to function as intended. Once installed, the app is always on in the background, tracking your movement, an act the company says will have little impact on power consumption. You'll be able to view your activity on a timeline, by day month or year. You can also check out activity as a live tile on the lock screen.

Looking to ramp up your movement ahead of the holiday? You can try out the beta now in the source link below.

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