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Around Azeroth: The truth behind Mystery Meat


"Deathtacular on Llane (US-H) was trying to get to level 25 over the past weekend," writes guild leader Heilandcoo. "In order to do that, five guild members formed up and started running the classic five-mans for which they did not have the guild achievements. One of those was Lower Blackrock Spire. Even in a truncated form and with two level 90s leading the way, it's a long run from the beginning to the end when you're doing the quests along the way. Minxxi thought a little Goblin Gumbo was in order to keep the group fortified for the quest ahead. A little warm water and a fire and ... yeah. Too bad we didn't have that mass rez that's available at level 25, since the group didn't include a healer.

Deathtacular is the Horde sister guild of Spectacular Death. Guild members in DT are also in SD and they are curious how many guilds have sister guilds in the other faction that are at max level. We're not sure how it could be tracked, other than by account, but we think it would be cool if there was an achievement for leveling a guild of each faction to 25!"

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