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New BT net subscribers will choose whether to block adult content during setup


The UK government's been pushing ISPs to make a bigger deal of adult content filters for quite some time, and today BT has fulfilled its commitments, joining other major providers like TalkTalk and Sky. A new tool from the telecoms outfit, cleverly named "BT Parental Controls," blocks unwelcome traffic at the router level -- BT has provided similar services before now, but this improved effort will be more conspicuous, especially for new broadband subscribers. When setting up their HomeHub, customers will have the option to turn off filters or run with one of the default presets, almost like David Cameron wanted. Existing customers will be notified of the new controls next year, and if they're on board, will have three levels to choose from. Other features include a user-defined blacklist and timed filter periods, but as yet there's no "ignore Miley Cyrus" setting. Please BT, for the children.

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