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Cut the Rope 2 comes out on December 19 exclusively for iOS


Since its launch in 2010, Cut the Rope has been downloaded 400 million times. That's a staggering number of sliced ropes and eaten candy, and plenty of satisfied gamers. Well get your fingers ready to scissor some twine, because Cut the Rope 2 is exclusively hitting the iOS store on December 19.

While our Android- and Windows Phone-using friends are subtly weeping over the news that they'll have to wait until sometime next year to play, let's take a look at what iOS users have to look forward to. The game will be US$0.99 and will allow users to interact with the series hero, Om, for the first time. Gameplay is spread across 120 levels with new gameplay elements, like helper characters called Nommies, helping along the way.

The other versions of Cut the Rope are also getting new content. Cut the Rope: Time Travel players will get the Wild West and Future levels, either for free with three-star scores or via in-game purchase. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift will be free on iOS devices. Finally, Cut the Rope: Experiments will be getting a new level pack called Bamboo Chutes at the end of the month.

You can view the game's trailer below. We'll have a review of the game up next Thursday morning.

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