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Breakfast Topic: The game's silliest quests

Sometimes World of Warcraft gets a bit silly. And sometimes it gets a lot silly, like when you're saving baby bears from trees by throwing them at a target on the ground (which is totally a good idea, of course). Some of these give us a quick laugh and pass from our memory as soon as they've passed from our quest logs, but some particularly memorable moments of silliness quests and quest-givers linger in our minds... like Mylune and Zen'Kiki.

Since we recently talked about some of the quests you just didn't want to do, today we're looking at the sillier side of WoW. Which of the game's many lighter moments stuck in your mind? Do you have a favorite silly quest or character? Tell us about it, because first thing in the morning before the coffee kicks in, we could all use a laugh.

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