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Ultra Street Fighter 4 video breaks down new mechanics, modes


Apart from adding five new characters to the already stacked Street Fighter roster, Ultra Street Fighter 4 updates the program with some new gameplay mechanics.

Red Focus attacks are perhaps the biggest change, allowing a character who is charging up a Focus attack to take multiple hits without interrupting their move. If an opponent unleashes an Ultra Combo, you can charge up a Red Focus attack and strike at the right time without suffering a ton of damage.

In addition to Red Focus, fighters will also have new access to both of their Ultra Combos each match instead of having to choose one before each fight, if they so wish. Finally, online training is being added, as well as an online Elimination mode where multiple fighters can team up and take on another team.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 launches in early June for PS3 and Xbox 360, while the PC version drops in August. The game can be acquired as a DLC add-on for Super Street Fighter 4 or its Arcade Edition update, or purchased as a standalone game at retail.

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