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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is watching you, flagging you

S. Prell, @SamPrell

In case you missed the news, it was revealed this week that the NSA has been spying on gamers, trying to assess whether we've got terrorists among our ranks. And if so, how good are those terrorists at a 25-man Onyxia run? The subject has been made into a national conversation about the rights of the individual, expectations of privacy in a world going digital, and the security of the nation. It's also been ripe material for plenty of jokes, as you're about to find out when you peruse this week's selection of webcomics.

This week also gave us another wave of YouTube copyright claims, where prominent Let's Play personalities had their content stricken from their channel. It, like the NSA spying on people, hasn't gone over very well. Such are the challenges of our modern age and emergent businesses - like LP videos on YouTube. How about you all? Got any ideas for how we can cope and move forward as a society?

Oh right, the webcomics. Those things. The things you came here to see. For your consideration:

Penny Arcade (The Great Game)
Critical Miss (Copyright Shenanigans)
Ctrl+Alt+Del (Vault Dwellah)
ReadySoup (Cat It Out)
8BitGamer (Bitter Bots)
Awkward Zombie (Culture Schlock)
Dorkly (The NSA Infiltrates CounterStrike)


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