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Mew-Genics will let you influence, mutate cats using furniture

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Lots of people feel that cats have some of the strongest personalities in the animal kingdom; but what if instead of just animal personalities, a cat could be a hipster, a VHS lover or Super Meat Boy fan? What if you could control and selectively breed cat personalities so that you could, as Mew-Genics creator Edmund McMillen puts it in the latest update on the Team Meat blog, "storm the cat fights with your epic army of thugged out pussy?"

McMillen explains that in Mew-Genics, cats will have varying personalities when they're born, "from lazy to sexy, from passive to psychotic." Personalities are influenced by items and furniture, which McMillen detailed the function of earlier this month. If a piece of home decor is rare, it's also possible the cat will identify with it so strongly that the cat will mutate and an element or design of the item will become part of the cat.

In one screen, a cat that identifies with a Super Meat Boy doll has the same black eye and missing tooth as the hamburger hero. In another, a cat that identifies with gangster rap has a tattoo of a knife on his cheek and a bandana on his head.

Again: there is a cat thug with a bandana and knife tattoo on his face. I ... I don't know how to end this post.

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