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Around Azeroth: Pandora's guild chest


You guys know I'm generally a pretty laid-back guild leader. But this? This constant sabotaging of our guild chest with battle pets? That needs to stop, now. The Grotto Voles were cute until they ate all the food. The Harbinger of Flame is an excellent pet, but it destroyed everything made of wood, including the chest itself. And then the Fire-Proof Roaches ate all the food again. Let's not even get started on the debacle with the Baby Ape and the Filthling -- suffice it to say that I'm still paying the guild tailors for the bleach we had to use to clean that thing out. That moonkin may look harmless, but I'll be damned if I spend another weekend trying to organize our bank. Anyone want him before I just banish him to a nether dimension? Aramoria of Six Minutes to Release on Lightbringer (US-A) will take him? Great. Get him out of the chest before he Cyclones the whole thing.

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