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Winter Veil begins today, December 16


The later seasons of Azeroth are marked as a time of change in many cultures. The term "Winter Veil" is said to stem from a supernatural being referred in many cultures to as Greatfather Winter. As he would walk the land late in the seasons, winter itself would be his billowing cloak. In his wake was the blanketing of the land in snow, and thus it is said that Greatfather Winter would cast his wintry veil over the land.
Winter Veil, the seasonal holiday of Azeroth, begins today. So huddle up to your Cozy Fire and see if you can't talk Greatfather Winter into giving you some epics this year. Wowhead has a guide up to what is new for 2013, and it looks like we're getting two new achievements, both earned with the new Crashin' Thrashin' Flyer Controller. This is the special gift in your capital city, and players can also purchase the previous gifts from Toy Vendors.

Last year, various bosses were modified to wear and drop winter hats in both red and green. It was almost exclusively bosses from older content, so maybe this year Winter Veil will be coming to Pandaria too. Do check out Wowhead's very comprehensive guide to all the achievements, items and gifts you can happen upon in this festival, grab an eggnog, pop on your Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, and sing us a carol or two.

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