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Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer shipping now for $119

Zach Honig

It's no match for knocking back a few Diet Cokes in lieu of libations before getting behind the wheel, but if you can't avoid having a beer or two before driving home, getting a read on your blood alcohol content is an absolute must. Alcohoot, a smartphone-powered breathalyzer, will help you gauge your BAC and put a stop to further consumption before things get out of control. The $119 device, which boasts "police-grade accuracy" and plugs into your handset's headphone jack, is shipping now.

Alcohoot is significantly pricier than competing products, such as the $49 Breathometer, but co-founder Ben Biron promises professional accuracy, assuming you keep up with the requisite annual calibration (to speed things up, you'll get a new device each year with a shipping label to return the old gear, for a $30 fee). The bundled Android and iOS apps will show you open restaurants within walking distance so you can soak up that booze with some greasy grub, a link to Uber and even a tool to track your consumption throughout the night -- though nothing quite spoils the mood like whipping out a breathalyzer after every drink.

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