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Apple airs new holiday ad 'Misunderstood' featuring iPhone 5s and more

Apple has kept with its annual tradition of airing a seasonal ad featuring Apple devices in holiday settings. Last night, the company's 2013 holiday ad aired; it's 90 seconds long, noticeably longer than most TV spots. It's set to the tune of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and shows a family gathering for the holiday.

We won't spoil the emotional twist of the ad, but the title -- combined with early scenes of a teenage boy who seems to be distancing himself from the celebrations around him by burying his nose in his iPhone -- may give you a hint where this is going.

You can check out Apple's annual tearjerker below.

Note that the "film within the ad," shot entirely on the iPhone 5s, is also posted to YouTube and embedded for your viewing pleasure.

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