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Apple's War on Christmas continues! Next victim: the Christmas tree.


Apple, it wasn't enough for your to rename your '12 Days of Christmas' app to '12 Days of Gifts,' was it? Now you needed to take your War on Christmas to the next level by attacking the humble Christmas tree. As blogger Phyllis White reports, you've banned the Christmas tree in the beautiful shopping area of the Passage in The Hague:

I always love going to the Passage around this time, to see this huge Christmas tree with all those lights. Often on weekends there are Christmas carol singers or children playing Christmas songs on their violins for some pocket money. The acoustic in the Passage is wonderful, which makes it all a bit magical.

...Apparently our beautiful Christmas tree will not return at all anymore.

Why? You may think it is because of the economic crisis or lack of money..... but nooooooo that is not the case....... It is because behind those black boards a new Apple Store is being built and the Apple company does not want that tree it front of its Store.............. Apparently in its rental agreement Apple has negotiated that the tree will not be put up any more from now.

Instead, visitors to the beautiful Passage will now be greeted with a new hanging ornament, minimalist light chandelier thing that looks like it's how Jony Ive envisions a Christmas tree:

And Apple, don't think we're fooled by your latest touchy-feely holiday ad appropriately titled "Misunderstood." It's just cover for your secret War on Christmas.

"12 Days of Christmas."

The Christmas tree.

I fear what you're about to do to Santa Claus.

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