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Rovio releases the conclusion to Angry Bird Star Wars with 30 new levels and Death Star showdown


Just in time for the holidays, Rovio has dropped a new update of Angry Birds Star Wars into the App Store that features the epic conclusion of pigs versus birds. Angry Birds Star Wars version 1.5 adds a whopping 30 new levels to the first Angry Birds/Star Wars mashup.

Players can now fight their way through 15 space battles featuring an Imperial Star Destroyer and another 15 levels that take place on the rebuilt Death Star. At the end of the game, players will finally face the Emperor and "Lard Vader" and find out who's behind Vader's mask in the finale.

Upon its release a little over a year ago Angry Birds Star Wars received both user and critical acclaim, with many noting the care Rovio took to remain faithful to the source material. Angry Birds Star Wars was one of the most popular Angry Birds games ever, which led to a sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II, released earlier this year.

Angry Birds Star Wars is US$0.99 for iPhone and Angry Bird Star Wars HD is $2.99 for iPad.

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