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Siri requests that make you want to fist-bump your iPhone


We love Siri. We love its constantly evolving snark and growing repertoire of silly responses. It's never the wrong time to highlight its interactions and introduce ones you may not yet be aware of.

Today, we were in a Siri mood. Here are six fresh instances of Siri hilarity and utility.

6. Request Poetry

Siri is the mistress of creativity, whether you ask it to tell you a story, sing you a song or recite poetry. As with all things Siri and silly, make sure you're persistent. Siri may try to blow you off a few times. If you keep asking, you'll eventually be rewarded by one of several poems in its repertoire.

In fact, if you persist at this long enough, Siri will eventually reward you with some authentic material from Hitchhiker's.

5. Ask Siri to Read A Book

Siri offers some pretty hilarious replies in response to any request for it to read books out loud. We're pretty sure this has to do with licensing agreements and issues with other providers like Audible, but Siri's responses are amusing in and of themselves.

4. Play a dice-based board game

Siri recently added some game features that include dice rolls and picking numbers. Just ask it to "Roll the dice," and you'll get a new random result each time. You can also ask it to pick a random number, e.g., "Pick a number between 1 and 10."

3. Ask those life-affirming important questions

It all comes down to the basics, and Siri's got you, ahem, covered.

Not to mention...


2. Pass the time

Siri is a surprisingly adaptable conversationalist when you ask it the right kind of question. Or even the wrong kind of question. When you've got nothing better to do, why not indulge in the "Guess What" game?

1. Establish your Geek Street Cred

And at our No. 1 slot for this edition of Siri responses, we give you the following without any further editorial comment.

Steven Sande and Erica Sadun have been working on the third edition of Talking to Siri, the book that covers all the ins and outs of everyone's favorite digital assistant.

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