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The original Tomb Raider game comes to iOS


Seventeen years after it first launched on the PC, the first Tomb Raider game has come to iOS. Titled Tomb Raider 1, Square-Enix has ported the game for iPhone and iPad optimizing it for touch controls and also adding MOGA Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell game controller support.

In my quick play at the game, it runs fluidly enough and the touch controls work well. But the biggest thing that happened when I loaded it up were the memories that came back from the mid-1990s. This was a game that set the tone for a decade and its amazing to see it today on an iOS device because it shows you just how far gaming has come. Tomb Raider 1's graphics are of the same quality as the 1996 original, but they look cheap when displayed on the iPhone. That's because gaming and graphics have gotten so good that our phones have surpassed the wildest dreams of what was possible on a gaming machine from the 1990s.

Tomb Raider 1 is just US$0.99 in the App Store.

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