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The original Tomb Raider is now available on iOS for $1


Perhaps you saw the lush TressFX in the latest Tomb Raider game and thought, "Man, I'd sure like to go back to the way things were, back when Lara Croft's hair was little more than a brown object affixed to her polygonal face!" Well you're in luck, as Square Enix today re-released the original 1996 version of Tomb Raider, rough edges and all, on the iOS App Store. Better still? It's just $1 -- about the maximum we could see ourselves paying for a nearly 20-year-old game.

As for how easy you'll find guiding Lara through the tombs she's known to raid, that's another question altogether: Screenshots show a mess of contextual on-screen virtual buttons as the means of control (or perhaps as an attempt at control). Even if it's unplayable, the most money you could waste is a single bank note -- not exactly what we'd call a risky proposition.

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