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Black Gold Online video shows off action combat system

MJ Guthrie

Whether you prefer the steampunk or the fantasy faction, if you are a fan of dodging and constant movement to try and out-maneuver your opponents, combat in Black Gold Online should be right up your alley. In the latest feature unveiling, developers delve into the ins and outs of combat in the upcoming game, eschewing the traditional stand-still-and-button-mash version of combat in favor of some action.

Most skills in the upcoming game are collision, or hit-box-based, and melee fighters will move in the direction they are facing with every swing. Ranged works a bit differently: Although most ranged skills will remain locked on their target, some will require players to anticipate enemy movements and target accordingly. And don't forget these battles also involve vehicles! While mounted, players will be in FPS mode. Get a preview of Black Gold Online's combat in action in the trailer below.

[Source: Snail Games press release]

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