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First run of ID@Xbox Games arriving on Xbox One closer to March 2014


The broad launch window for the first run of ID@Xbox games is narrowing, as program director Chris Charla said the first set of indie games will start to arrive near the end of Q1 2014. Speaking with Edge, Charla said the launch dates "will be early in the New Year, in the first three months... I would say closer to the third month," placing the games closer to March 2014. Previously, Microsoft Corporate VP Phil Harrison said in September that indie games launching through the program would likely start to arrive in "early 2014."

Charla added that it's hard to determine how many games would arrive on Xbox One early in 2014, as each one is still in development, and some have been for months. Microsoft unveiled a list of 33 developers participating in the program earlier this month, which included Halfbrick Studios (Fruit Ninja), Double Fine (Brutal Legend), Crytek (Crysis, Far Cry) and Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing).

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