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Kirby: Triple Deluxe includes Kirby Fighters, Dedede's Drum Dash modes


Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the pink puffball's upcoming 3DS game, features a Super Smash Bros.-like mulitplayer mode, as well as a rhythm platforming mode starring King Dedede. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata revealed the modes in this morning's Direct broadcast, but didn't offer a western release date, and the game remains pinned to a 2014 window.

As for the new modes, The Smash-like one is imaginatively called Kirby Fighters, and it's based around 10 of the hero's copy abilities (the main game offers 20 including four new ones). Kirby Fighters can be played alone (presumably with bots), or with up to three other players, although it wasn't noted which of local and/or online play it supports.

Meanwhile, Dedede's Drum Dash features Kirby's regal rival in a rhythm platformer. King Dedede bounces on drums across the two 3DS screens, with players tapping buttons in time to music to help him avoid enemies and collect coins. While Iwata made mention of high scores, it wasn't noted if Dedede's Drum Dash supports leaderboards or any other online components.

While the game proper remains without a release date in the West, it's only a few weeks away from hitting Japan on January 11, which hopefully augurs for further details soon.

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