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Ryse adds free level events, asks you to pay for skins, arenas


Two new downloadable updates have launched for Ryse: Son of Rome: one free and one paid.

The free update is our first focus as it adds new events to the game's already-chaotic warfare. Cutting down barbarians in the arena is all it takes to set off these new events, and while one sees a ballista rain down arrows on your head until you dispatch it, the other offers a host of statues representing Roman deities that you can smash for health and focus bonuses.

Today's paid update will set you back $4. For that cash, you're receiving two new player skins as well as new arenas: Henge, an ancient shrine possibly built by aliens, druids or bored Scottish farmers, and Ascension, a map that asks players to battle their way out of Hades' literally hellish realm.

All of these updates are currently available for download on the Xbox One. The free updates should be added to your game automatically, though you'll need to visit the Xbox Live Marketplace to grab that $4 addition.

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