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Viber continues to expand as it rolls out Windows 8 app


Fresh off of the announcement that it's now allowing users to make calls to any mobile or landline number, Viber today is reaching yet another platform by way of a Windows 8 application. Aside from providing access to the VoIP calling services it has become known for, Viber's also bringing a few features tailored specifically for Microsoft's operating system. Namely, we're talking things like pinning conversations to the Start screen as well as the ability to be used in Snap View mode. Additionally, Viber for Windows 8 offers full Live Tile support, allowing you to easily spot notifications and have quick access to the app. CEO Talmon Marco says coming to Windows 8 was "the natural next step" for his company, adding that this is part of Viber's big picture strategy and "commitment to wide, cross platform availability."

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