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Watch the last Nintendo Direct of 2013 (probably) right here [Update: It's over!]


Just when we thought we were out... Nintendo pulls us back in. 2013 isn't done just yet, because the House of Mario wants to end the Year of Luigi with one more Nintendo Direct.

The official line is that today's broadcast is on Wii U and 3DS software due before the end of spring 2014, but if 2013 has taught us anything, it's not to trust the official line. Who knows where we'll be by the end of proceedings - perhaps we'll be sinking beneath a deluge of release dates and juicy details, or maybe recovering from the sight and sounds of Nintendo execs singing carols for 30 minutes straight (shudder).

Instead, let's deal in certainties: You'll be able to watch your pick of the North American, European, and Japanese Direct streams right here on Joystiq. They're all scheduled to start rolling at 9AM ET (6AM PT, 2PM UK time), and as ever we'll have the North American stream up top, and the European and Japanese streams below the break. We'll also be serving up the stories as they come in - even if they're limited to a reluctant breakdown of Reggie's crooning abilities, or lack thereof.

Update: While the stream is no longer live, feel free to pretend it's all happening right now as you watch the Nintendo Direct replay we've embedded above. Here's all the news from the event.

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