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AMC Yeah! hits iPad today, brings tasty movie facts and extras


If you're the kind of person that lives for Blu-ray bonus extras like interviews and obscure movie factoids, AMC's new streaming service might be just the fit for you. It's called Yeah! (the worst name ever, by the way) and it's available for the iPad today. The app features a wealth of classic and cult films, all with accompanying bonus features like pop-up movie facts, with rentals starting at US$5.

When it comes to streaming services, there's no shortage of options on the App Store, so Yeah! will have its work cut out for it if AMC hopes to make it a go-to option. Charging $5 for a two-day rental of a movie like Scream -- regardless of how much bonus material is being offered -- seems a bit excessive, so it'll be interesting to see if Yeah! can find a market.

[via Engadget]

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