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New Nintendo eShop releases: Castlevania, Streets of Rage 3D, Knytt Underground


Sega continues doing what Nintendoes this week, releasing updated 3DS versions of two more of its classics, namely Streets of Rage and Shinobi 3. In addition to these reworked Genesis games, the 3DS Virtual Console library expands with the weird urban track and field game, Crash n' the Boys: Street Challenge.

The Wii U picks up a re-released classic of its own with the NES version of Castlevania on Virtual Console. The Wii U also grabs the interesting – though perplexingKnytt Underground.

If all of that isn't enough to warm up your winter, there's a sale running on the bizarre, oddly engrossing game about burning things, Little Inferno. You can buy it – and subsequently toss it into the fireplace – for just five bucks.

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