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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 11: The undisputed classiest iPhone dock you'll ever see


Today is the 11th day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Day 11: Give your iPhone a touch of oh-my-god is that brushed copper?

Most iPhone docks try to match the modern look of the phone itself, with black plastic and clean lines dominating the market. The Pyle Retro Home Telephone Charger takes things back in time, letting you plug your Apple smartphone into an elegant work of stained wood and brushed copper. But this dock is just as much about function as it is about flash, as the old-school handset station is also a fully functional chatting device that can be used with either a separate landline or as a stand-in for your iPhone.

If you've got someone on your gift list who begrudgingly entered the age of smartphones against their will, this might be the perfect gift. You can give them a trip back to early 20th century telephony while also providing them a useful accessory for their less wood-adorned communication device. Oh, and it's downright gorgeous, too, all for an Amazon sale price of US$79.09.

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