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Looking for Guild: FFXIV

Shawn Schuster

Final Fantasy XIV's successful relaunch was certainly one of the big stories of 2013, taking many of us on the team by surprise. It gave us hope that game companies can recover from failed launches if they play their cards exactly right.

We see that love for the reborn fantasy MMO here in the LFG column, especially, as more and more Massively readers are reaching out to find like-minded guilds to join. This week is no exception as we have an archer looking for a free company to call home in today's listing.

Here's how it works: If you're looking for a guild, simply send an email to with the subject line "LFG" and tell me the following:

  • The name of your game of choice (include server name if applicable)
  • Your usual play times (day and time of day)
  • Your main character class
  • Any alt classes you enjoy
  • Your preferred playstyle
  • What you would bring to a guild
  • Your main character name or contact name in-game (will not be published)
The following week (or weeks), I will post all submissions, minus the last question. If you're a guild leader or officer who is interested in pursuing someone you see in the column, you'll simply email me at the above address with the subject line "LFM - (Game name here)," and I will act as the liaison between the guild and the guild-seeker. That way, no contact info will be made public, and connections can proceed in-game (or over email if you choose) at the discretion of the submitter.

Here's today's submission.

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Usual play times: Usually most weeknights on evenings
Main character class: Archer
Any alt classes: Currently trying leather worker
Preferred playstyle: I do not really have a preferred playstyle, but I use an Archer, so I play the DPS role.
What I can bring to a guild: I am a friendly person who gets along with most people I meet. I'm looking to play the game with people I can consistently talk to and people to run some dungeons with.

Are you looking for a new guild that shares your unique sense of humor and love of RP? Are you unable to find groupmates in your time zone? Are you a guild leader seeking a certain player to join your ranks? Join Senior Editor Shawn Schuster as he connects MMO guilds and guildies in Massively's Looking for Guild column.

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