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Sony bringing the PS4 to India on January 6


After successfully launching the PS4 in North America, Europe and numerous other markets, Sony has announced it aims to bring its latest console to India on January 6 for Rs. 39,900 – or about $643.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sony India Managing Director Kenichiro Hibi said the PS4 is expected to beat out first-year PS3 sales in the region. Hibi also said Sony is looking into developing games specifically catering to the Indian market. "Of course we are seeing opportunities and possibilities to develop Indian oriented titles. That might be a possibility. It's in the discussions. It has not materialized yet."

Earlier this month, Sony announced PS4 sales had exceeded 2.1 million worldwide. The company projects it'll sell three million PS4 consoles across the globe before year's end.

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