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US Apple Stores holding different holiday hours


If you've got last-minute holiday shopping to do at the Apple Store, it's typically best to get it done before Christmas Day. Apple Stores will be closing at 6 PM on Christmas Eve, with the exception of the King of Prussia store in Pennsylvania, the San Francisco store, the Stoneridge California store and the Lincoln Road, Fla., locations. You'll be able to snag iPads at those locations until 7 PM.

Most stores will be closed on the 25th in honor of being reasonable to people with families. But not everywhere, as the recently released holiday hours for Apple Stores show. One single Apple Store, the Fifth Avenue store in NYC, will be up and running on Christmas Day. The others will be closed until the 26th, when special holiday hours for the 26th take effect.

But don't you worry, fellow Americans. US stores will open at 8 AM on the Dec. 26.

IFO Apple Stores has written a wonderful rundown of the hours international Apple Stores will be operational. We highly recommend our German, Chinese, Italian and Australian readers pop over there for a quick rundown of what they can expect this holiday season.

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