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WRUP: The GOTY backlog catch-up


The Joystiq staff is getting ready to scribble down their top ten of 2013 and feed them to the "Kietzmann Game Of The Year Elect-o-tron 3000®." From there, computations occur that would make a theoretical physicist's mind explode in glitter and we're regularly surprised by the results. As always, each member of staff will also have their "Best of the Rest" picks.

What's everyone playing this weekend?

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski, Twitch): Playing some of the GOTY candidates other members of staff insist I play. The only problem is that I've gotten to Don't Starve and don't want to stop playing it.
  • Anthony John Agnello (@AJohnAgnello): I am playing two scoops of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's Christmas time in HolisQueens! Which is the name of my Animal Crossing town. That means catching winter fish and playing bingo with snowmen. It's the best. I'm also trying to play Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies but keep falling asleep.
  • Danny Cowan (@db_cowan, Twitch): I hope to finish up Saints Row 4 and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds this weekend. Also Richard just reminded me that Attack of the Friday Monsters exists, so I should check that out now that it's on sale.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle, Twitch): This weekend I'll be wrapping up the last of my GOTY candidates: Rayman Legends. It took all of seven seconds to fall in love with that game.
  • Earnest Cavalli (@Ecavalli, Twitch): Since the PS4 iteration of Battlefield 4 is only crash occasionally these days, I'll likely spend the weekend exploding people's heads via long-range sniper fire.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt, Twitch): Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Guacamelee and gosh darn it, Skulls of the Shogun. I miss it.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK, Twitch): [...]
  • Mike Suszek (@MikeSuszek, Twitch): Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.
  • Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM, Twitch): Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Attack of the Friday Monsters ... unless someone wants to give me an iPad so I can play The Room Two.
  • Sinan Kubba (@SinanKubba, Twitch): All the games.
  • Sam Prell (@SamPrell, Twitch): Sinan took my answer! ALL THE GAMES!! (Caps lock means I'm more serious)
  • Steven Wong: I believe I'll be fighting zombie-like infected plant people in The Last of Us, in between pulling off heists as Santa in Payday 2.
  • Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt, Twitch): I am endeavoring to get Ludwig to quit bugging me to play Brothers by playing Brothers. I also want to spend some time with Super Mario 3D...but if we're being honest, I'm probably just going to be a professional pirate in Assassin's Creed 4.
  • Thomas Schulenberg (@T_Schulenberg, Twitch): I hope to make progress in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem. I'm also jumping on that Mac port of The Stanley Parable and will steal my visiting brother's iPad Mini for time with Device 6.
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav, Twitch): The last of my GOTY contenders: The Room Two, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Stanley Parable and more Shadowrun Returns.

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