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Date Namco characters and the Galaga ship in Namco High

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Namco High, a dating sim game where you woo Namco Bandai characters as one of the Katamari Damacy Prince's cousins, is now available to play. As the new kid in class, you need to carefully navigate the dangerous social jungle of high school if you want to go steady with characters like Mr. Driller (Mr. Driller), Lolo (Klonoa) and a spaceship (Galaga). The game's creative director is Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck.

You'll need a hall pass HTML5-capable web browser and a Namco Bandai ID account to get in, but once you've gained admittance to Namco High, you don't necessarily have to purchase a thing; while some characters will cost real-world money to unlock, six of the game's students are very cheap dates (because they're free).

If you want to expand your romantic options, premium characters can be unlocked for $1.95 individually, $4.95 when purchased in sets of three, or $14.95 for the whole lot. Fans of Homestuck should be especially pleased, as three of the 18 total dateable characters are from Hussie's webcomic.

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