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Around Azeroth: Rockin' around the potted plant


"Poor little Ysabéll of The Evil Dead on Malygos (US-A)," writes today's submitter. "She's heard all about Winter Veil from her new draenei, worgen, and even *gasp* sin'dorei friends. It's a wonderful time of year, when they all gather around large plants and celebrate things. The new year, the end of the harvest, Greatfather Winter -- it all sounds amazing. No matter what you're celebrating, gathering around large, pretty plants is the way to go. Apparently Ysabéll didn't quite get the entire story about Winter Veil and is perfectly happy sitting in front of a large Snow Lily bush, waiting for Greatfather Winter to show up and give her the best gift ever ... a carry through Silvershard Mines, so she can continue on with Wrathion's quests."

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